Study Abroad Inc.

Study Abroad Inc.为美国联邦政府正式注册的国际教育咨询机构。总部位于美国首都华盛顿,是唯一拥有强大美国资源做后盾,并高度整合中美两国资源的留学机构。Study Abroad拥有自己的美国住宿基地,提供吃住行全方位的生活服务。与美国多所顶级私立高中、大学建立官方招生合作,帮肋学生充分利用各种特别招生渠道进入心仪美国大学留学。同时,致力于创办私人定制式的游学方案。青年人才培训、青年大使培训计划、小初中夏令营,使学生真正的走入美国主流社会,体验国际文化异同,融入美国社会交流,开启理想职业的大门。


Study Abroad hosts summer camps for young Chinese artists who are interested in making a name for themselves in American circles and markets. Offering similar course listings as Children of China camps but with additional travel and field trip opportunities, Study Abroad capitalizes on Children of China’ s success with the additional goal of introducing students to the ways and culture of American artists.

Study Abroad continues to work with students long after camp completed, and connects them with the best artistic programs in the United States, including Parsons, Julliard, and more. Further-more, students are presented with the opportunity to connect with well known artists in the country for the purposes of acquiring career advice and guidance.